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See No Hear No was created when two engineers had two different perspectives.

When those perspectives were combined in 2014, they started to create the most prestigious AV company in the world. After many years of studying, designing, and programming, the only thing they were missing in their arsenal was lighting and automation. In 2020, they traveled to Vail Colorado where they met with Salt Lake City based company Control 4. After spending two weeks with the company, the two knew they were ready to launch their new business adventure right here in North MS. Let’s see how they got here.

Before the 2000’s, See No traveled the world working and playing with the most technologic equipment created at that time. Spending time in Germany, Switzerland, and many other countries abroad, See No finally settled down on the east coast in North Carolina. See No was very successful during this time owning and operating more than a dozen different businesses. His passion was video and the engineering of devices that could show images by tricking the mind with colors. He was also very instrumental in improving the light therapy process that is still used all over the world. Technology and video engineering and design were his strongest assets and what he would spend the rest of his life pursuing. The knowledge and experience See No brought to the company ensures that all customers get the highest quality products, with the best engineering, to ensure not only a perfect picture on your TV, but all other visual products. See No Hear No sells services which also include LED Video walls, Edge projection, outdoor movie screens, and theater rooms complete with furniture.

Before the 2000’s, Hear No traveled the United States spending time in Alaska, Georgia, and Florida, working and playing with the most advanced technological equipment available, at that time. A few years in Alaska is all it took for Hear No to get interested in sound engineering and the human ear. What sparked his interest was being part of the encrypted communications team working with the U.S. government. Hear No was active in a secret operation in capturing the sounds of seven of the U.S. Navy’s submarines for the US Coast Guard’s Homeland Defense Department. Hear No found himself in Florida, a few years later, working for many of the NASA subcontractors around Cape Canaveral, focusing on the knowledge and experience he had with audio. Hear No brought to the company a well-rounded audio engineer and many years of business management. Subwoofers in the wall, Dolby certified, and speakers that make life worth listening to.

Since 2014, See No and Hear No have been working side by side, day in and day out. Jokingly they gave each other these nicknames No See Video Engineer and No Hear Sound Engineer. When the company was formed, the Attorney made a mistake and crossed the names up to say See No Hear No. So, they just went with it… Still today, See No and Hear No work together waiting on the day they meet another great engineer that doesn’t say too much.

Are you ready to see and hear the difference of true engineering?